Video: How You Can Use Your Body In Ways That Improve Your Happiness

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Have you ever noticed how your bodily position and movement can influence your mood?

For example, perhaps you’ve decided to dance to a favorite song in order to get yourself in the right mood for a night out, or maybe you’ve become aware that slumping on the sofa leads you to feel sluggish and low.

Well, it turns out that the connection between how you use your body and how you feel may be even more profound than you think.

In this TEDx talk, Dr. Tal Shafi shares the wisdom she has accumulated through many years of intense passion for dance. She has always been aware that certain kinds of movement can dramatically enhance well-being, and she seeks to spread this message.

Originally a lawyer, she is now also a dance-movement therapist as well as an academic specializing in the neurophysiology of motor control.

Dr. Shafi explains the foundations of her research, peppered with moving examples from her work with children suffering from neurological difficulties. She’ll also offer concrete tips that may just Pin Itinspire you to get up and start moving in order to boost your mental health.

Perfect for anyone who loves dance, wonders about alternative forms of therapy or is looking for a simple way to feel better every day, this video will leave you with fresh ideas about how you can take control of your own happiness.

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