How To Stop Fear From Blocking Your Goals

In order to reach your goals you’ll need to identify what actions produce the highest results. More often than not, it’s those actions that we’re most afraid to take. Any worthy goal requires us to stretch ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be so hard.

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Anytime you try something new, the fear center in your brain kicks in and acts like a sorting machine, coding anything you’ve done before as safe, and anything new as risky.

This unconscious response was vital for survival 30,000 years ago but in our modern world, acts as a false tripwire. This patterned reaction is responsible for creating the number one limiting belief that holds you back from achieving your goals.

The belief that fear keeps you safe underlies all self-sabotage, procrastination, excuses and overwhelm. In the past, fear may have kept you safe from actual harm but that doesn’t mean it’s an appropriate response to pursuing a positive goal that you actively desire.

Here are three ways to re-pattern your brain and install new beliefs to support your life goals.

1. Think For Success

A belief only exists because it’s been repeatedly supported by your thoughts. Start to affirm new thoughts by focusing on what you do want, instead of what you don’t want. Use the power of visualization to generate how it will feel when you actually have it.

Invite vivid and detailed imagery into your mind and start sending the signal to your brain that this is the new you. Visualization disarms fear by allowing your brain to get acquainted with the changes you’re trying to make.

2. Build Your Case

In order to overcome fear, you’ll have to start seeing the world through a different lens. Using positive thoughts as your filter, make it a game to collect all of the evidence that proves you are safe, supported and your goals are coming true.

Over time, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the people, places, and experiences that you wanted. You’re more likely to see what you look for.

3. Take Inspired Action

New outcomes require new actions. The good news is that after doing something once, it not longer has the same control over you. Help your brain out by busting the myth that change is risky. Start small and test the waters.

How-To-Stop-Fear-From-Blocking-Your-Goals-pinThe more you commit to taking a specific action, the less alarming it becomes. Repetition soothes the fear center by recoding a new danger to a familiar safety. This makes the action worth repeating. Over time what was once terrifying transforms into a daily success habit.

Without addressing your thoughts, perspective and actions, the limiting belief that fear keeps you safe will retain a fierce grip and sabotage your efforts to success.

When fear is triggered, you now know what to do.

– Consciously choose new thoughts to reinforce your goals.
– Play detective and build the case in your favor.
– Do something once and it will never be as scary again.

It’s not that you’ll be fearless, but you will experience less resistance to following through on your goals.

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