How To Let Go Of Your Working Life And Take A Well-Earned Vacation

Vacations are vitally important; they recharge the brain, body and soul.

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So, why aren’t we taking enough of them?

Research has found that just 50% of employees in England take their entire annual vacation allowance, with workers in the North East and Scotland falling even further behind.

This is such a shame but suggests lots of us feel unable to take a break, no matter how much we need it.

I have a theory about this because it’s something I’ve suffered from myself. It’s all about the inability to let things go and leave stuff to others.

We’re all control freaks at heart, but in order to recharge the batteries and take a well-earned vacation, you have to let things go.

Here’s how to do just that:

Just Book A Vacation!

Go on – pick a date, destination and book it. Because once you’ve done that and the money has left your bank account, there’s no going back (unless you fancy being out of pocket).

With a vacation in the diary, you’ll have something to aim towards – a bright spot on the horizon that you can start planning for straight away.

Try Booking Time Off At The Start Of The Year

If the month of January typically drags for you, or you work in an industry where production is at a significant low during that period, it might make sense to book a vacation then.

You’ll still have plenty of awesome destinations to choose from at that time of year, and getting away when things are quiet will remove a great deal of worry from your mind; you simply won’t need to leave much to anyone!

Invest Time In Those You Trust

Regardless of when you go on vacation, you’ll inevitably have things to pass on to colleagues or people within your team.

This tip doesn’t suggest you mistrust any of them, but there will be one or two people with whom you’ve formed a relatively strong bond; they’re the ones you need to leave your tasks and responsibilities with.

This is something you should do regardless of an impending vacation, but make sure you invest plenty of time in those relationships, because they’re invaluable when you need to rely on someone to take the reins while you’re not there.

Stop Feeling Guilty

It’s fair to assume that much of people’s seeming lack of desire to use up their entire vacation allowance stems from guilt.

This might sound daft, but it makes perfect sense; you love your job and take great pride in the work you do, but taking vacations often feels frivolous – particularly in a world as busy as this one.

January aside, the fact remains that there will be very few times throughout the year when everything feels quiet and settled enough for you to disappear for a while. Remember – you’re all in the same boat and the world will continue to turn without you there.

Final Thought

Don’t let guilt, pride or mistrust prevent you from investing in yourself. Vacations are one of the most vital tools you have as a worker – make the most of yours!

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