Video: How To Kick Start Your Day With Tapping

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In this video meditation expert Julie Schiffman demonstrates a simple EFT session

It involves  light tapping on important acupressure spots located on the head, hands and upper body while at the same time saying out loud therapeutic phrases (also known as positive affirmations).

As you can see there is nothing difficult about using this technique. You only use your fingertips and you don’t need anyone’s help as you can easily tap on yourself.

This technique is surprisingly effective in helping to quickly and permanently get rid of different negative emotions and thoughts as well as some physical dysfunctions. Moreover, in combination with affirmations and meditation EFT can even help break the resistance when looking for an ideal partner or losing weight.

Pin ItYou can try EFT alone, by just following Julie Schiffman in the video above, or under supervision from a tapping therapist. You can also take lessons in EFT, but the best way to understand how it work is by tying it on yourself.  So try tapping along with Julie Schiffman to start off your day on the right foot.

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