How To Keep Your Head Held High When Dealing With Trolls

There is a lot of hate going around and people may subject you to their harsh words for saying something they don’t like or don’t want to hear. Why? It could be for dressing differently from them or whatever reason they may come up with to justify their actions.

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Whatever the case might be, you want to be in a position where you can deal with their hate and negative comments.

Here is how to get over the harsh words of a troll.

Know Your Value

Some people have a hard time accepting who they are, especially women. Do yourself a favor and fall in love with yourself. Make it a priority. Not just on the surface but also on the inside, accept who you truly are. All your flaws and mistakes – honor them and rise above them, all these things make up who you are.

When you truly accept who you are, you assert your worth. Attacks aimed to tarnish your character will not do any harm to you. If you let attackers get to you, you will start doubting yourself and the trolls will have won. So love yourself to the core and know your worth. They don’t define you, you do.

Don’t Respond

If you wish to respond to trolls, the best thing you can do is not respond. I know it’s hard but you should be the one to take the high road. You trying to defend yourself doesn’t change their perception of you because you’re not the problem, they are.

According to psychologists, anything that someone projects onto others is just a reflection of who they are. They are sad, and you trying to defend yourself won’t help a thing. Just move past it, you have much more to lose than them.

To avoid responding to them, think of something that makes you happy. Your family, your favorite dish, anything to get your mind off the trolls. If the trolls are in an environment that you can control, be it your blog or your social media page, delete their comments. In other situations, where you can’t control everything, the best thing you can do is block them.


When a troll is attacking you, stop and think what will happen when you respond to them. Take the time to pause and access the likely outcome, thus engaging your mind. You need to be conscious of what you tell yourself after reading something that hurts your ego. What will be your reaction after? What kind of feeling will you be experiencing afterward?

If you are angry, is it because there’s truth to what they are saying? Have you been in this position before? Such can affect how the things go when we encounter a troll. After all, you’ll come to the conclusion that engaging with a troll is a fruitless endeavor.

Talk To Friends And Family

Being humans, sometimes we need to talk to someone. We need someone to listen and who is better than a friend or a relative who can lend you an ear for however long you want.

Yes, meditation and breathing can help but nothing beats a good talk with a person you share a close relationship with. Once you talk to a friend you end up feeling much better and they may give you advice that may help with silencing the troll.

Putting your focus on the troll just ruins your day.

Stick To Your Principles

In case you lack rules on how to deal with trolls, this might be the time for you to come up with some. Principles help us to know what to do and what not to do. They are about the long-term outcome of events, rather than acting on the go. Then things end up going astray resulting in the most unfavorable outcomes.

People can’t hurt you unless you let them. When you acknowledge that someone has said some harsh things to you, then you are fostering these feelings which may lead to anger and acting on impulses.

Whenever you encounter a troll, stick to your regimen and you are bound to emerge victorious.

30 Percent Rule

There’s a rule that whenever you have an audience, 30 percent of the audience will love what you do, 30 percent will hate it and another 30 percent won’t care about what you are doing. Focus on the 30 percent that loves what you do; they are the ones that matter.

Don’t Create A Platform

For those of you who own blogs, you don’t have to post things that are offensive. By doing this you are reducing the chances of getting trolled. Just in case you want to go down this road and post something that will cause a stir, the best you can do is block the people who say harmful things to you.

Mend Mistakes

how-to-keep-your-head-held-high-when-dealing-with-trolls-pinIf a troll points out a mistake that you’ve done, take the time to look at it. You’re not an angel who can’t make mistakes. Admit that you’re wrong and make the necessary corrections.

Once you’ve made the correction, make sure to notify the person that the error has been addressed and give an explanation of what transpired. You might never hear from them again but they’ll be glad that you acknowledged your mistake.

Create A Brotherhood

This can be the most effective way of dealing with trolls. Create a community that can’t harm one another, this way you are bound not to encounter any trolls. Once you have a sense of community, you all will look out for each other and in case one of you is attacked, all of you can come to their defense. Such togetherness can help against trolls.


No matter your experience with trolls, whether online, at school, work or in your neighborhood, you need to keep your head held high. The points outlined above will help you achieve this. Never let the misconceptions or opinions of others about you affect you. With a little discernment on your part, you can beat the trolls.

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