How To Inject Some Style And Character Into Your Home With Color

Are you finding your surroundings a little bland? Have you recently moved or has it been too long since you last redecorated? Your house can speak volumes about your creativity. When someone enters your home, what can he or she immediately determine about you based on your current decor?

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Colorizing your house can give it a fun, energetic look that you will not get bored of seeing every single day, so why not give that old wallpaper a tasteful funeral and change things up a bit!

Making your home more colorful doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking endeavor either. You can buy many of the items you’ll need at your local hardware or craft store for a reasonable price, so here’s a few suggestions of things you can do to help make your home a more colorful place to live.

Complimentary Colors

Nobody ever said your room had to be one solid color. You have four walls, a floor and I’m hoping, a roof with which to work. You might consider painting your walls in two different colors. Make your north and south walls green, but paint your east and west walls red. The contrast of these colors can be very eye-catching, and you’re not limited to just these colors either.

Depending on the type of flooring you have, you might consider painting your ceiling a similar color, then painting your walls a color that complements it. This simple technique catches the admiration of anyone who walks in the room.

Acrylic Plexiglas

Sold in nearly every home improvement store, this stuff has thousands of uses around the home. Cut it to fit virtually any width and shape you need. It comes in hundreds of colors and one of my favorite things to do is use it in place of glass surfaces, such as on a coffee table. By replacing a sheet of clear glass with a piece of rose-colored Plexiglas, it adds character to my wooden coffee table. I’ve used Plexiglas to make picture frames for my walls, magazine racks for my bathroom and even cut different colored pieces into little triangles to make a mural on my bedroom wall. It’s inexpensive, strong and colorful, and its uses are limited only by your own creativity.

Colored Sand

I love colored sand too. Take a clear glass vase and fill it with colored sand. It looks gorgeous. My favorite thing to do with it is to use different colors of sand in the same vase. I pour a little of each color into the container at a time, level it off so the surface is smooth, then pour another color on top of it. By the time I’m done, I have a rainbow-colored parfait of sand ready for display! Clear glass vases and containers come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, so you can make all sorts of fun designs with your own colored sand.

Glass Beads And Marbles

I enjoy displaying things people wouldn’t typically consider art. I think an old mason jar full of different colored marbles makes a neat centerpiece for a table. You can also find colorful glass beads and stones at your local pet store. Many people use them for fish tanks, but I use them to make things pretty. Here’s a fun tip: Get a large, clear glass punch bowl and fill the bottom half with colored stones. Then pour your favorite potpourri mix on top. It will look great!

Acorns And Pinecones

Acorns and pinecones just have a natural beauty to them. It’s almost as if nature knew people would find them appealing and want to put them on display. I like filling tall glass jars with acorns. It looks nice and their rich brown color is a lovely contrast to all the other colorful trinkets in my living room.

Pin ItAs for pinecones, I like to put a bunch of them in an old, wooden bowl. It’s a classic look that my family has had on its table for generations. Not very good at foraging? Don’t worry! Both acorns and pinecones can be bought online or found in your local craft shop.

You can do so much to bring more color into your world. If you have a craft store near your home, peek inside. You mind find some inspiration to help colorize your life, so get creative. Don’t settle for a bland and gray world. You’re much too colorful for that!

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