How To Create Serenity In Your Home And Garden

Many people enjoy decorating their homes with plants or working in their gardens to create a welcoming setting.

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Gardening is a great way to reduce stress as well as to incorporate some physical fitness activities into your day.
Lugging a hose or watering can, for instance, can help keep you active each day.

When you infuse your home and landscape with plantings, you can create a veritable sanctuary that provides you with the retreat you may want your home to be.

The following tips can help you garden with serenity in mind, indoors and out.

The Beauty Of Indoor Plants

Many homeowners like the idea of keeping a few plants indoors to create a welcoming mood for their indoor setting. Plants have a way of warming up a room and adding green life to the space.

Of course, many indoor plants like spider plants can actually improve the home’s air quality. These plants are ideal for keeping indoors because they literally purify the air you and your family breathes.

Consider adding plants to your home such as aloe vera, weeping fig, and English ivy.

Plant A Kitchen Garden

If you have space in your kitchen such as a garden window, consider planting a kitchen herb garden. Many herbs are easy to grow.

Moreover, having fresh herbs to pluck, like basil and rosemary, will complement your cooking–not to mention your health. Most herbs used in cooking offer a wealth of nutritional benefits that could complement your health if eaten on a regular basis.

If you don’t get enough natural sunlight in an area where you wish to grow indoor plants, consider adding a sun lamp to the space to ensure that your plants will grow well.

Patio Garden

Although your climate will naturally influence the types of plants you choose for your garden, you’ll typically have many species to consider for planting in your landscape.

If you have a small space, you might consider installing a container garden on your patio. You can even grow herbs and vegetables in pots as well as your favorite flowers. The key is to research each plant to determine what size pot you need and how many plants you can place in it. A patio garden will warm up your patio space by making it more inviting as well as more serene.

Check out sites like HGTV to learn more about container gardens that are perfect for patios.

A Zen Garden

A Zen garden can be an enchanting space to create. If you enjoy Asian style gardens, you can plant an authentic Japanese Zen garden or simply base your garden loosely on the style. Zen gardens tend to be tranquil without being showy.

You don’t necessarily want to plant a row of peonies or hibiscus plants. Instead, consider installing moss-covered boulders, shade-loving plants like ferns and heuchera and create a space where you can relax and meditate.

You may also want to add river of gravel to imply running water or actually add a water feature such as a natural stone basin to your Zen sanctuary. You can learn more about traditional Zen gardens at sites like

Country Garden

There’s something that’s always charming about a country garden whether you opt for English country, French country, or even rustic American garden styles. Anything goes in a country garden from big blossoming roses to giant vegetable gardens that contain everything from garlic to pumpkins.

You can also lose yourself in a country garden–which is the entire point for gardening for serenity. If you are looking for a way to leave your worldly cares indoors or back at the office, a country garden is perfect for getting away from it all and doing something that is incredibly therapeutic, both physically and mentally.

Water Garden

It’s always lovely to include a water feature in any garden style. There’s something innately soothing about the rippling or pooling of water. If you are up for some maintenance, a water garden can make for an enchanting and serene area that you are sure to love.

Pin ItYou can install either a small or large pond and grow beautiful water plants like water lilies. You can also add koi to your pond and create a wildlife setting. If you have a natural slope on your property, you can easily install a cascade, which will add movement to your water garden as will fountains. Water gardens are enjoyable spaces for people who love the water and love to garden.

You can infuse more serenity into your home by choosing a garden style and incorporating plants both indoors and out. Even if you are a novice, you can begin small and you’ll see that your skills will blossom just like your plants!

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