How To Build Unstoppable Self-Confidence

How many times have you thought something along these lines to yourself, as you lay awake at night?

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  • “I’m never going to get ahead of all those bills.”
  • “I’m not smart enough to…”
  • “I’m not good-looking or fit enough for her. She’ll never want me.”
  • “I’m not good enough for this. I don’t deserve my job/wife/husband/client,” etc.

I’m here to tell you, I know your pain. These very thoughts and beliefs used to trouble me, as well, and I want to share with you how you can start to have the unstoppable self-confidence that you will need to succeed in all of your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

When you are certain of yourself, you become a person who can not only set goals but also follow through on everything you need to achieve them.

Many years ago, when I was on the Ellen DeGeneres show, I was in the Green Room with Minnie Driver, a Hollywood celebrity whom everybody around the world knows. I was curious about something, and I asked her this question, “How is it that you can take a script that your agent gives you, and become the role that you play so well, that you win an Academy Award, an Oscar or an Emmy?”

John Assaraf on the Ellen DeGeneres show

I was surprised when she said, “John, nobody has ever asked me that question. What I do is, when I first get the script, I read it over several times to see if it’s really something for which I am willing to trade time out of my life. After I accept the contract from my agent, I begin to practice, drill and rehearse the script. It takes hours of practice every day to memorize the script, and when I have done my research and feel I can bring the role completely to life, I start to work in front of the camera with the studio.”

Why does that process work? When we have a goal that we look at once or twice, our brains soon forget about the goal in the chaos of everyday life. When you have a goal that you look at every day, it sinks deeper into your consciousness and moves from the self-aware part of our brains into the subconscious psyche.

Pin ItThrough rehearsal and practiced repetition of examining and thinking about your goals every day, you start to emotionalize and create new patterns of thinking around the goals. This will cause your brain to actualize your body in the direction of behaviors and actions that it recognizes as aligned with your goals.

Write a script for your life and release your fears and inhibitions. You might like to attend my free event called *‘Brain-A-Thon‘ where I break down the hidden unconscious fears that can often hold us back.

You should then visualize and practice your hero’s journey as you move towards the fulfillment of everything you desire. Don’t just write your goals down on a piece of paper—practice being that role! The more you integrate your vision with your actions and emotions, the more you’ll be able to create an Academy Award-winning performance in your own life.

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