Hints For Heating Up Your Love Life

Whether your bedroom time is all that you want it to be or a little lackluster right now, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little heat for both you and your partner! You don’t have to turn into a bedroom gymnast or buy a bunch of items to put a little spice in your love life.

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Try the following hints to heat up your love life without straining your back or your wallet!

Spark That Connection

Nothing is sexier than reminding yourself and your partner of why you are together in the first place. A little re-connecting can go a long way between the sheets by injecting some life into how you and your partner view each other, even if you’ve been together for a long time.

Go back in time and recall what drew your attention to your partner in the first place, and have him or her do the same with you. Try doing those things you both enjoyed at the start but haven’t really being doing anymore.

For example, if you both loved going out dancing in the beginning of the relationship, make a date to go out and dance the night away like you used to! Ask your partner for some ideas if you’re feeling a bit stuck or uninspired.

Indulge in Scent

Remember when a whiff of your partner’s perfume or cologne sent shivers down your spine? Take a deep inhale of your partner’s scent to get that feeling back. If he or she no longer wears it, buy a bottle as a fun surprise gift. Wear your old scent as well to give your partner an olfactory treat!

Try Tasty Aphrodisiacs

While there are a lot of claims about different foods boosting your libido, scientists have verified a few. As reported by The Telegraph, a study out of Barry University, Miami, found that raw oysters and some other shellfish do boost your sex drive. Make a dinner date that includes a healthy helping of heat-boosting shellfish for a kick to your love life that also pleases your mouth.

Own Your Problems

If you or your partner is suffering from a diminished sex drive, there could be a physical or psychological reason behind it. Conditions like depression and anxiety can dim your sex drive, as well as hormonal imbalances and other diseases.

Medication may also have this unwanted side effect. Speak to your doctor or a therapist if you believe there may be another factor affecting your sex drive. The sooner you do, the faster you can start treatment and feel more like yourself again.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your partner openly if you’re dealing with a reduced sex drive. Your partner may not be aware and wrongly believe your lack of interest is a reflection on him or her as a person, and they will want the chance to support and help you through whatever the issue is.

By the same token, if you notice your partner’s interest has decreased, talk to them about it in an open, supportive and non-accusatory way.

Try Some Exercise

Exercising has benefits beyond just losing weight. Physical activity boosts blood flow and activates some of the “feel good” chemicals associated with sex, and the better physical condition you’re in, the more stamina you’ll have in the bedroom.

Slot regular exercise into your weekly routine to boost your libido and improve your overall condition. Encourage your partner to work out with you for some added benefits!

Balance the Household

Partners who go 50/50 are happier in general, and this extends beyond paying bills and making big decisions to things like household chores. Make sure your daily tasks, like laundry, cooking and dishes, are split between you and your partner as equally as possible.

Pin ItThis prevents resentment and feelings of being unappreciated. When the chores are split in a balanced way, both you and your partner will have more energy because it’s not one person doing the bulk of the work. Work out a schedule together to ensure as much balance as possible.

Introduce Sensual Massages

You don’t have to be a pro to do some light massaging. The act of massage allows you to relax your partner and explore his or her body, putting you both in the mood. Try getting some oils in a scent you both enjoy to enhance the experience and make it a little easier to do if you or your partner is a novice.

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