Happiness Is Helping Your Friend Through A Bad Day

Have you ever found yourself muddled with sadness or worries, only to have one of your best friends pull you back up by your bootstraps? We’re humans, and we’re always at our happiest when we are surrounded by happy people!

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It’s our very nature to worry and care about the people around us. When somebody doesn’t feel quite right, we take action!

Being concerned for others is practically encoded in our genes. It’s not that we’re busybodies or anything; we just can’t help ourselves. There’s a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and joy that come from helping our friends in their time of need.

If you know someone who is having a bad day, don’t be afraid to lend him or her an ear. Some people are too proud to ask for help, even when they desperately need it. It’s up to each of us to look for the signs, help them address their problems and strengthen our trust and friendship with one another.

How Do I know If My Friends Need My Help?

Ask yourself, “How does the friend I know, and the person I’m looking at right now, differ in behavior and mood?” If you know people well enough, you can almost instantly tell when they’re not themselves.

They might be snarky when giving answers or seem uninterested in what you have to say. They might not be able to look you in the eye when talking to you and can appear distant or deep in thought.

Be tactful in how you approach your friends. Ask them if they’re alright and if something has happened that is weighing on their mind. You want to extend your hand to them, but you can’t be forceful in your approach.

They might not be willing to open up just yet. Give them a little time to collect themselves before asking again. Remember, it’s important to show them that you’re concerned about their feelings, and that you want to hear what they have to say.

Addressing The Problem

Once the problem has been identified, it’s time to bounce the issue back and forth a little bit. Start by paraphrasing what was said so your friend knows you were listening. You’d be amazed at how happy it can make someone just to know you were listening to him or her.

Let your friends talk. Don’t interrupt when they’re venting, because that will only make them feel worse. Instead, once the vent is finished, swoop in with some supportive statements to help defuse some of that tension they’re feeling. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with their point of view, you should still be able to respect it as their friend.

Be kind, and don’t feel bad if they are a little bullheaded or irritable about their predicament. They’re not mad at you, they’re just mad at their situation.

Be Supportive And Caring

Your friend has had a bad day. Imagine how you would feel if you were in their shoes. It could be work related, something to do with their love life, financial trouble, or any number of closely guarded feelings they have. Empathize with them, and let them know that things will get better. It’s hard for them to imagine the sun is on the other side of the clouds on a rainy day, but you know it’s there.

Offer solutions that might help solve their problem, or prevent these types of issues in the future. Work things out with them if they can’t quite figure out what to do next. This is a crucial time in your relationship where you two should be communicating.

It’s easy to be friends when everything is running smoothly, but it means so much more to a person when they know their friends are with them whenever they need someone to pick them back up.

Pin ItYour friend’s happiness is your happiness too! They’re your friend for a reason. You love them, and you both depend on each other. If they’re having a bad day, then be their ray of sunshine. Make their problems your own and work through them together!

There are few things in this world that make me happier than the smiling faces of my close friends. Your joy is so much more jubilant when you can share it together. So be a good friend, and be happy!

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