Foods For Your Natural Detox

Detoxing has become more popular these days, thanks to the increased attention on all the local toxins, artificial additives and modifications being made to the food we eat. People are searching for a way to rid their bodies of these harmful substances, and a detox appears to be the answer. Your body does naturally rid itself of the toxins you’ve accumulated, but it burns off a lot of nutrients you need in the process.

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While a detox has become almost entirely associated with special juice cleanses, you don’t have to down liquid after liquid to reap its benefits. Try a natural detox by using nutrient-rich foods and liquids with probiotics, prebiotics, and anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Eating and drinking the following foods are a great way to help your body detox in a natural way while sparing your taste buds a chalky or bitter juice blend.

Artichokes Aid Your Liver

The artichoke can help boost your liver’s performance and has silymarin, the antioxidant that the liver uses to process toxins. A 2012 study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that silymarin aided in the treatment of both liver disease and liver cancer.

Jerusalem artichokes also contain high levels of the prebiotic inulin, which serves as “food” for the healthy bacteria found in your gut.

Try adding artichokes into your diet in the way that is most appealing to you. You can use it in several different dishes, from a simple pot-roast with seasoning to grilling them and serving with a dip.

Amazing Benefits Of Asparagus

Asparagus is full of enzymes that help break down alcohol and food and has a lot of probiotics. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, while the belief that asparagus cures cancer is just a myth, the vegetable is a vital part of a diet aimed to lower cancer risk, because it is full of folate, Vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Folate in particular is held to lower the risk of esophagus, colon and pancreas cancers.

Roasting asparagus in the oven with the spices of your choice and some olive oil or butter is the easiest way to get these greens into your diet. Remember to try to use it within 48 hours of purchase, as these vegetables don’t last long in the fridge.

Get A Broccoli Boost

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, have folate and Vitamin C, and broccoli in particular also contains potassium, magnesium, beta-carotene and fiber. The flowery green also has phytochemicals that work in combination with liver enzymes to convert toxins into substances that are easier for your body to eliminate.

Broccoli is used in many ways, from a raw salad ingredient to the main star of a cream soup or dinner side. Prepare broccoli in a way that gets it into your meals without adding unnecessary fats. While broccoli and melted cheese is a great-tasting combination, for example, you don’t want to introduce unhealthy items into your meals if you can help it.

Avocado Fiber Blast

The avocado has both soluble and insoluble fiber, which your body uses to cleanse the colon. It also has properties that aid your liver in removing carcinogens and is a great source of antioxidants.

Avocado’s downside is its fat content. Luckily, the vegetable contains only monounsaturated fats, which means it can help lower your bad cholesterol as long as you don’t overdo it. The recommended serving is 1/5 of a medium-sized spoon, or about 1 ounce, per WebMD. You can use avocados in many dishes or as a dip or salad ingredient, but stick to the serving sizes!

The Kale Kickstart

Kale is one of the original known “super foods,” with its high levels of Vitamins K, C, A and fiber, the latter of which can jump-start your body’s natural detoxification process in the digestive system. It also has flavonoids, which are compounds with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

As reported by the Herald Tribune, your best bet when it comes to preparing kale is careful cooking. Raw kale can cause gas, bloating and other digestive discomforts and even inhibit thyroid activity in some people, so don’t eat or drink it uncooked more than once a week.

Avoid boiling or cooking it too long in extra liquid unless you’re planning on consuming the liquid too, as that action can cook off a lot of beneficial nutrients and vitamins.

An Apple A Day

Apples have long been known for their part in a healthy diet. These fruits have terpenoids, flavonoids and D-glucarate, substances your body uses in its detoxification process. Apples also have the soluble fiber pectin, and it can bind to additives and metals as part of elimination.

You can eat apples raw, in more healthy desserts, cook them in savory meals and even enjoy them in a chip form. Since apples, like most fruits, have natural sugars, look for ways to consume them that don’t add too much extra sugar into your diet.

Go For Goji Berries

Goji berries are packed full of Vitamin C and beta-carotene and have glutathione, an antioxidant that helps in the natural liver detoxification process. They also have tiny seeds that pack a bit of a fiber punch.

You can steep goji berries to make a tea, put them in granola, salads, cereal, yogurts or baked goods or even just eat them raw. Make sure you wash the berries first, however you decide to eat them.

Love The Lemon

Both lemon and lemon juices are fixtures in the standard detox diet. This citrus fruit prods your body to release enzymes that aid in the conversion of toxins to a form that is easier for your body to remove. Lemon and natural lemon products are also full of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that also boosts your immune system.

While you can eat a whole, fresh lemon, it’s not the most pleasant taste for those who aren’t sour fans. You can have lemon in soups, drinks or add it to many main and side dishes. Try adding lemon to foods you already enjoy for a little zest and all its benefits.

Grab Some Green Tea

Pin ItGreen tea is famous for its antioxidants, which kill the free radicals that can harm your healthy cells. You can drink green tea or try it in various products, such as baked goods and even some food dishes. You’ll find green tea available without caffeine and with varying levels of the stimulant, so adjust how much you drink according to what you buy so you don’t end up taking in too much caffeine.

With your natural detox diet, don’t forget the water! Try to drink at least eight glasses a day—more if you’re engaging in strenuous physical activity —as water plays a vital role in the body’s process of flushing out all its toxins.

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