Finding Peace – International Peace Day

As International Day of Peace is upon us, I’m wondering whether we can take things perhaps a little closer to home and focus on creating some peace for ourselves in the hectic pace of life and amongst the distressing world events which we constantly see and hear about.

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With busy lives, feeling at peace and being able to get to that place of calm is vitally important. It provides a foundation of wellbeing and grounding to enable facing challenges and responsibilities with a better sense of choice and control.

When we feel out of control, we’re not calm. When we’re calm, we feel more in control. It’s a coaching equation in a way! Calm = In Control. In Control = Calm. A balance too.

And when we’re at peace, we feel calm. And when we’re calm, we feel peaceful.

What does peace mean to you? I would encourage you to perhaps take a few minutes to stop and think more about this.

When did you last feel at peace? True calm? Can you recall where you were, what the environment was like and what feelings that time and place gave you?

Try to recapture your thoughts and mindset and your feelings and actions too. Write them down, represent them in an image or with a photograph of that day or put them to the forefront of your brain. Get fully in that moment and recreate it whatever way works for you.

For me, I have the most beautiful image of a beach; white sand, crystal blue sea and at sunrise a row of elegant boats lined up at the waterfront ready to set sail.

It’s my screensaver. And a scene I experienced with awe seven years ago abroad.

And you?

When we’re not feeling calm, it can be helpful to recreate a sense of calm from an event from the past. If you know what calm represents for us, we can bring it easily to mind. And it helps bring calm to a moment. In the now.

Feeling at peace often means being in the present moment; not worrying about the future or regretting or focusing on events gone by. Focus on what’s happening right now and connect with thoughts and tasks relevant for that moment only. It’s actually the only time we have fully.

This moment only. And when we fully engage in the present without thought of any other time, it also gives a sense of peace.

Please try it and at each moment of your day, including this one.

So, even whilst reading this article, just be connected to what you’re reading and where that takes you, not what you have to do after this; chores, telephone calls, school pick up, shopping and the like nor allow your mind to wander into other time zones. Be in this moment and focus here.

In everyday tasks this also helps with calm. It reduces stress as we focus on the job in hand and not other aspects of life and whatever else is needed to be done.

We all have our ways of calm and peace. Really connect with what gives you this too.

Perhaps it’s a walk in the rain, watching your favorite movie, reading a novel, being with a best friend, a relaxing bath or cuddle with your partner.

Maybe it’s stroking your pet, going for a jog, swimming ten lengths or calling a friend. Find your calm and peaceful times and make a focused attempt to create more of them.

The benefits to you will be enormous and to those around you, a rippling effect.

If it’s hard to find peace and you feel anxious and overwhelmed with life, find someone to talk to and learn to look after yourself.

Small steps are needed to get there. Take each day and create some space to breathe and take stock. To be present in the moment and
be proud of that.

And with the wider issue of peace in the world, when you are at peace with yourself and can create moments of calm in your life, then perhaps there’s time to see in what ways you can make a difference.

Wishing you a peaceful day. And many more.

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