Discover 9 Wonderful Ways To Say Thank You

Daily maintenance of our businesses is hectic enough, but during the Holidays sometimes the simple things go by the wayside.

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We may forget to say “thank you” for the small courtesies that we receive, from a bagger in our grocery store, to a waiter, to an operator giving us a phone number—even for an invitation to a social event. Or worse yet, we may even forget to say “thank you” to those closest to us, our colleagues and our family members.

Do you remember being taught to say thank you as a child? Do you remember how good it felt to say it, and hear “you’re welcome” in return? Maybe it’s time to recapture those good feelings and use them to build your business, and increase the wellness in your family.

When we say thank you to people we are saying, “I value you and what you do.” The happiest and most productive relationships are built not just on trust and love but on politeness, mutual courtesy and gratitude. Small courtesies, like saying “thank you” create a powerful response in others. Truly, the perfect way to say thank you is to simply say it, however, when and how to say it is another matter. There is an art to saying thank you.

Smile and make eye contact”: When we mumble, and don’t look someone in the eye we seem insincere.

Don’t overdo it: Be specific about what inspired the “Thank You”.

Be grateful: Thanking someone more than twice in any conversation or communication begins to seem obsequious.

Write a Thank-you note: for a gift, a meal or any other extraordinary act of kindness. In our e-mail driven culture, a written note is special. It should be prompt, personal, and specific.

Do It Yourself: Do not delegate sending a note of thanks to your assistant. It only means something special if it comes from you.

• Send an immediate email: saying thank you to an online business prospect, a digital reporter, or an online order for your business.

• Make a phone call: saying thank you to a new brick and mortar business prospect, a newspaper reporter that interviewed you, or after a job interview.

• Be verbally appreciative: thank your boss for the job opportunity, or conversely thank your employee for their dedication, or their landing a new client.

Pin ItGive positive feedback: Verbal, written, or email feedback if positive, will always build relationships. Be truthful and specific. Don’t make the praise overblown or out of context.

As a business owner when we thank our employees for their cooperation, insight, or skills we are building better working relationships. Feeling appreciated literally builds self-esteem. The little things we do day by day make a difference and matter in building our businesses. Giving thanks is not only good for your soul, it’s good for your career.

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” ~ Meister Eckhart

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