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Is your environment working for you or against you?

Did you know that your home can actually be sending the universe signals different from the ones you want it to get.  Depending on how you organize your house, the environment can either support you or work against you.

This is why some people are not getting what they want even though they are making a lot of effort.  The way you organize your furniture, as well as the materials and the colors you use in your home décor can help you break the resistance and achieve your dreams.

Take action right now!

Here are some basic feng shui guidelines you can start following today:

  1. Keep the house clean. This also includes decluttering the closets, keeping the dirty laundry out of sight and doing the dishes straight away.
  2. Remove all obstacles from the front entrance (like shoes, umbrellas, furniture etc.)
  3. Replace old doormats.
  4. Make sure your apartment gets enough light. Open the curtains and replace the burned out light bulbs.
  5. Fix anything that is broken and get rid of dead plants.
  6. Keep bathroom doors closed.
  7. Repair broken doors and tighten up the doorknobs that are loose.
  8. Pin ItMove your bed so that it is not in front of the window and that you are not sleeping with feet facing the door.
  9. Move the furniture so that it doesn’t block doors and windows.
  10. Trim and neaten up your yard.

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