Video: Debunking Some Widespread And Unhelpful Myths Regarding Dyslexia

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You’ve heard of dyslexia, and it’s likely that you know it influences a person’s ability to process certain information. However, you may not understand quite what it involves, or know about recent research that encourages different thinking about this common issue.

As this TED-Ed video explains, dyslexia actually affects as many as 1 in 5 people, meaning that you likely know several people who have struggled with it to some degree. That being said, researchers are increasingly insistent that dyslexia should be viewed as a spectrum of issues, not as a “defective” type of brain dysfunction that stands apart from “normal” brain function.

Kelli Sandman-Hurley will not only help you comprehend exactly what dyslexia involves and how language processing difficulties can differ from person to person, but she will also tell you just why she thinks neurodiversity associated with dyslexia is something to celebrate and accept—not pity.

Pin ItSo, whether you have dyslexia, have a loved one who has struggled with it at times, or just want to know what’s going on for those who exist on the dyslexia spectrum, this four and a half minute video is a great investment of your time. As a bonus, you’ll learn about a range of famous people you probably never realized were dyslexic!

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