How And Why You Should Create Your Own Healing Garden

Every garden is a small pocket of nature with its healing powers.

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Spending time in the natural surrounding is therapeutic in many ways, initially by reducing the level of stress and restoring mental energy.

However, there are gardens designed for the specific purpose of intentional positive effect on general well-being.

Healing garden requires a bit more planning and higher standards when it comes to design since it is supposed to be the place of calmness and recovery throughout a year.

Creating a garden that will serve the remedial purpose can be easy, but only if you take essential elements into account.

Welcome Nature In All Its Glory

A healing garden should include all natural elements, from flowers, shrubs, and trees to wildlife and water.

It is a beautiful mixture of scents, sounds and teeming life that enables us to ignore the sounds of the outer world and to quiet down our monkey minds.

Plants that provide colors year around can be a lovely sight for sore eyes while water sounds can bring serenity and increase creativity.

Provide shelter and feeders for the local wildlife and be kind to the life around you.

Create A Controlled Environment

When in a healing garden, one should feel safe and have a sense of control over the surrounding.

That is why it is easy to navigate through such gardens.

There are visible doorway and pathways that enable a walk through different areas of the garden.

Garden is a place of contemplation and observing nature.

Make sure to establish areas that will serve as a place of solitude and privacy.

Nothing clears our mind like moments spent alone.

Establish Focal Points For Socializing

Although silence can clear your mind a heartfelt talk with someone close can heal both souls. Share your sanctuary with others and establish a socializing area under the tree shades to keep you cool during the hot days.

Place a bench or even better some comfortable seating place with cushions or even a blanket.

Create a place that you will not have to leave simply because it is bumpy or because it is chilly outside.

Design Your Garden Smartly

Take time to think it through and to plan your garden properly.

Make sure to plant the trees that will provide enough shade so that it is possible to stay outside during the whole day.

Cover the seating area so that you can enjoy outdoors even when it rains.

Experts advise you to design a garden that is visible from indoors so that you can enjoy the view throughout the year.

A mere glimpse at the colorful garden during late autumn may bring ease and comfort.

Make It Dynamic

Healing gardens are not just for meditating. Our bodies like to rest, but they are designed to move. Make sure there is enough space for the movement, whether it is a walk or simple morning stretching.

Plan the net of pathways or establish one long enough to have a decent walk in a few circles. Outdoor workouts provide more benefits than sweating indoors, while it is far more enjoyable.


As with anything else, try not to overdo it and keep in mind that simplicity is the key to the beauty as well as to healing.

Also, make sure that your garden does not resemble those fabulously looking yet high maintenance royal parks since there will no time for leisure and contemplation but constant mowing and trimming instead.

Smart and elegant design of your healing garden will ensure that you’ll be spending less time with garden tools and more time reflecting on the bright side of life.

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