Video: Confronting The Scary Questions About How A Baby Changes A Marriage

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For couples who are very happy together and are wondering whether to start a family, one of the most commonly aired concerns revolves around what having a baby will do to the marriage.

After all, a new son or daughter might bring you closer together in certain ways, but what about frayed tempers resulting from sleepless nights, and what about the change in your dynamic that can occur when you adopt parental roles?

In this intimate and exposing video designed and filmed by Glamour magazine, real life couple Sidra and Ben answer some challenging questions about their relationship so far and their fears about the future.

One interesting point that comes through in the video is that how we feel about being parents and how we feel about our ability to successfully raise a child has deep connections with our own childhood experiences.

So, if you’re wondering whether to start a family of your own, perhaps take a moment of reflection to consider how some of your anxieties might come from difficulties you had with your own parents, and messages you received about being a mom or dad.

Pin ItAlthough some of the questions in this video have the potential to spark conflict and highlight insecurities, there’s something incredibly heart-warming and inspiring about watching these two people open up to each other (and to us!) so fully. We could all learn a lot from the honesty and sincerity they display.

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