Asking Yourself The Important Question Of Why

This time of year, always presents us with opportunities to gain greater clarity and bring our intentions into a crisper focus as we step from winter into spring.

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Whenever we put a goal or intention out in the world, we inevitably face moments of questioning and doubt. We bump up against obstacles, usually our own. Sometimes these are lessons we must learn in order to breakthrough to a higher level of learning and awareness. Sometimes, they are opportunities to change course and try a new avenue. Either way they are little unexpected gifts that allow us to find greater resolve!

How do you do that? Come back time and again to your “why”!

Why is your goal important? What is the bigger picture and how does your intention or goal play into that? How does it move you forward toward your Dharma, the path of y
our greater purpose?

For example, when you create a goal to meditate in the morning, what is your bigger heart inspired reason for that? When you set a goal to exercise everyday, what opens up for you and how does that relate to your heart’s higher intention? How will finding that special someone to share your life with support your greater heart centered calling?

I mention the heart because all choices made with your heart, are rooted in love, motivated by love, and play out with loving action. When you follow the love, you will always be in al
ignment with your Dharma or life’s purpose.

If we don’t have clarity around our why and it doesn’t stem from love, then anything we say we want to do, even if it is “good for us” becomes a task…a chore. Even things we once loved to do become arduous because they are now motivated by something else; fear driven needs to fill a gap, to be accepted, to be enough, to matter, to be worthy.

When your why is clear and in alignment with you heart, you realize that there is no gap to fill. You accept yourself unconditionally and the opinions of others fall away. You matter j
ust by virtue of being here. You are wholly worthy and deserving of any and everything.Pin It

So, take some time today to re-examine your goals. Ask yourself what the bigger “why” is around those things? Does that why come from your heart? Is it rooted in love? How does it move you forward toward your Dharma? If you don’t know what your bigger purpose is, start to ask yourself what is most important to you in your life. What do you love with every ounce of yourself? Follow those answers and your path will come into focus.

Rediscover your why, find the love, and stay the course!

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