Are You Protecting Your Energy?

I’ve been talking a lot this week with my private clients about energy. And when I say energy, I don’t just mean physical, I mean our vibrational energy field that surrounds us everywhere we go.

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Imagine a bubble that’s continuously surrounding you at all times. It’s bigger than you’re probably imagining right now, because your energy field is huge. It’s so expansive and powerful it’s impossible for it to fit into your physical body. And because of this, it can get easily damaged or encroached on by other people, their energy, emotions and situations that we can find ourselves in.

Our energy fields are beautiful things. When we’re looking after them, when we’re vibrating at our highest frequency, our energy is infectious and other people pick up on it. It shines so brightly it’s impossible for those around us NOT to notice it. And because of this, it’s extremely important that we protect it so that we feel healthy, happy, and we’re able to pick up on all the amazing opportunities around us. Sounds simple right, I mean, it’s OUR energy, it’s our body and soul radiating it, so surely we should have no problem protecting it, right?

But the problems occur when we begin to conform in life, when we edit ourselves, when we do things we don’t want to do and when we try to fit in with other people’s expectations. Because when we do this, whether it’s for a job or a friend or a partner or for money, we’re not just compromising on a day to day level, we’re compromising on an energetic level, and THAT is everything.

If we’re allowing this beautiful, precious, energy field to be taken up with other people’s ‘stuff’, ideas, dreams, then we’re not only making it seriously murky, we’re shrinking our own natural energy and beginning to contain ourselves within confines that we’re not 100% happy with. Without realizing it, we might begin living small, playing small, not saying what we really think, holding back, and then eventually when it all gets too much, flying off the handle at someone close to us because we’ve become so caught up in contracting our beautiful being, instead of expanding who we are.

Maybe you’ve found yourself feeling this way lately? Irritated, easily angered, feeling like there’s a tonne of weight on your shoulders, or just feeling frustrated and tired. If so, the chances are you’ve been giving your energy away to others too much and not protecting that sphere around you. So how can we protect our energy? How can we ensure that we move through life 100%, authentically ourselves and not an energetic version of ourselves that is a mix of other people’s beliefs, ideas or needs?

The answer is simple.

Check in with your energy field daily and make sure you’re filling it back up. Think of your energy field like a car. If the tank is on empty, you’re not going to go anywhere. It’s the same with food. If you’ve not eaten correctly, you’ll get hungry and tired very quickly. Well the same applies with your spiritual, vibrational energy field. Check in with how your chest feels. Are you shrinking and hiking up your shoulders with shallow breaths? Or are your shoulders back, you’re breathing deeply and your chest and ribs open?

If you’re not checking in with your energy in this way daily and clearing and re-setting it, then there’s a good chance other people’s comments and beliefs are going to sit in it leaving you feeling very confused as to what’s your stuff and what’s theirs. This is where we hit indecision, overwhelm, misalignment, and become COMPLETELY disconnected from our natural intuition. Some simple rituals I use for cleansing my energy and re-filling my tank are…

  • Smudging with white sage to clear any toxic energy from around me and cleanse my space at home.
  • Meditation or a short Yoga Nidra practice.
  • Lion’s breaths (strong inhales through the nose, and then loud strong exhales out through the mouth with the tongue sticking out). Try it, it’s amazingly releasing!
  • A walk in nature, or putting my hands or feet in the earth.Pin It

Find a ritual for you that you enjoy that will allow you to have fun re-fueling and regularly letting go of what you don’t need.

Take note here – I don’t let myself become completely empty before I re-fuel. It’s so vital that this is a daily practice, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur working with new people or you’re in ANY kind of transition where lots of stuff is coming up for you. Think of balancing your energy field the same way you think of cleaning your teeth. You’re going to feel kind of gross if you don’t do this twice a day for 2 minutes.

Energy is powerful and it affects our mood, how we’re able to concentrate, how we’re able to interact with others and how we’re just generally able to show up every day. I encourage you to be fiercely protective of yours so that you can be the best version of yourself.

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