Video: Are You Destroying Your Dreams Of A Better Future By Doing These 5 Things?

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Most of us have dreams for the future. Some of them are big (like finding true love or changing career) and others relate to more modest goals (such as self-improvement and honing certain skills).

However, it turns out that you might be constantly undermining your chances of turning these dreams into a reality. If you can learn how and why you’re doing this, you’re much more likely to successfully create the life you want.

Bel Pesce, a Brazilian entrepreneur, is here to give a TED talk that explains how people kill their own dreams. Specifically, she tackles five commonly believed and devastatingly counterproductive myths that limit success—and you may be surprised by just how many of them you previously believed.

Some of them relate to your expectations of others (and the roles that you assume others will or won’t play in realizing your dreams), while others focus on what you believe about yourself.

Pin ItOne thing’s for sure—you’ll emerge from watching Pesce’s talk with a much clearer idea of how you may have held yourself back in the past, and with a whole host of inspiring new thoughts about you can meet your most important goals.

Pesce makes a complex, anxiety-evoking topic simple and encouraging, relaying messages that can help everyone from young students sitting exams to business people striving to make it big.

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