Video: An X-Ray Look At Your Body During Yoga

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Watch this beautiful animation of what the human body looks like doing yoga in X-ray form. The creators tried to make the video as scientifically accurate as possible, working with medical experts to create this 3D visual study of the human skeleton.

The flexibility displayed is amazing and it is interesting to see the positioning of every bone during yoga. It’s a good illustration of why yoga can do so much for our body.

Here are just a few ways yoga changes your body:

  • Increases bone density. Especially among older adults.
  • Improves your sense of balance.
  • Helps relieve chronic back pain.
  • Reduces chronic neck pain.
  • Improves lung capacity.
  • Increases your flexibility.

And let’s not forget about the benefits of yoga for mental health: 

  • Pin ItYoga improves brain function, boosting focus and memory.
  • Lowers stress levels and helps to calm down.
  • Reduces anxiety and helps combat depression.

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