Video: Achieve Your Goals By Revolutionizing The Way You Use Your Time

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Do you constantly feel like you could be getting more out of your time, especially at the office? If so, chances are that you’ve read plenty of articles and yet still found yourself not getting any more done than you used to. You likely feel like you’re under-achieving and yet don’t understand what else you could be doing to increase your success at time management.

According to this video, the problem is that the time management devices and systems that you normally rely on focus on managing a certain type of time—clock time. What you really want to start considering is real time, which factors in the issue of time flying when you’re happy and slowing down when you’re bored to tears.

As you watch, you’ll start seeing how to get around the self-sabotaging roadblocks you place in your way when you tell yourself you don’t have enough time or are waiting for the right time to do something.Pin It

With a helpful focus on career goals and work productivity, these tips will introduce you to the three key ways of spending time, and help you to see that you can make more proactive decisions about the amount of energy you a lot to each type.

Spending just three and a half minutes watching this video could change the way you use your time for the rest of your life. These are the ten tips that will turn your work days from frustrating, lengthy stint in purgatory into productive, exciting and well-managed experiences.

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