9 Top Tips For Stay At Home Moms

Making the choice to be a stay at home mom is one that most women never regret. It gives them a chance to nurture a bond with their baby that will continue until he or she goes to school and the mother returns to work or continues in her role as a mom who stays home.

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Despite a common misconception, stay at home moms are very busy and often find little time to get things done or take a break. After all, mothering small children is a job that requires constant attention, and with the needs of small kids, most women work from the time they get up until the time they go to bed at night.

Even though you’re home all day, you might find that you aren’t getting everything done in the way you’d like. Use these handy tips, and each of your days will be happy, productive and fulfilling.

1. Try Getting Up A Bit Earlier

This might be the last thing you’re thinking about, especially if you spend your nights getting up with a baby or toddler. However, you might be surprised at how much you can get done in 15 to 30 minutes when the kids are still sleeping.

Without the interruptions that occur when you have little ones at home, you can focus on small tasks that need attention, and the motivation it gives you to get those things done can keep you on track for the rest of the day.

2. Get Ready For The Day

Like getting jobs done right off the bat, preparing for the day goes a long way toward keeping you on track. Instead of staying in your pajamas all day, get up, get dressed, do your hair and put on a touch of make-up.

This is the routine you followed before you had kids and went to work all day, right? The simple act of feeling ready for the day is something that many moms say helps them get going in the morning and feeling ready for what the day holds for them.

3. Exercise Is Important

Moms, whether they work or stay at home, often find it hard to fit in time to exercise. However, getting enough physical activity is vital for your health, and it gives you energy and makes you feel good about yourself.

Experts say that just 10 minutes at a time is great, so try to slide your exercise in to various parts of the day when it works for you. Maybe that means doing an exercise video during nap time or taking a short walk with your little one. You can also do jumping jacks while dinner cooks or playing on the playground with your toddler.

4. Get Your Kids To Help You

Even toddlers can do their part to help around the house. Having your kids do little chores can take a bit of the pressure off you, giving you more time to get your own tasks taken care of.

At the same time, it teaches children responsibility, which is important as they get older. Small kids can help put toys into bins, carry their laundry to the basket and wipe up small spills.

5. Take A Class Or Host A Playdate

One of the things that stay at home moms learn to do really quickly is to multitask. You want to socialize with other moms, so why not join a class or form one that you host in your home.

There are music, art and baby yoga classes, for example, that are great for you and your little one. This time to interact with other moms is vital for your sense of self and ensures that you have a support system for good times and bad.

6. Try To Create A Routine

Sometimes having a routine helps you get things done because you know what to expect at certain times of the day. Studies also show that children thrive on routine because it makes them feel secure. Perhaps your routine is playtime in the morning, lunch, and then a nap.

You don’t have to do things at the exact same time every day, but try to stick to a general schedule that follows the same order every day. Your child will be happy, and you will find it infinitely easier to plan for the day instead of having to wing it, which can totally interfere with productivity.

7. Teach Your Little One To Play Alone

Independent play is important for a well-developed child. No, you don’t want to leave your little one to their own devices for long periods of time, but letting a child entertain itself gives you little pockets of time during the day to get things done and also gives you a chance to take a break.

Small kids should never be left unattended, but they can certainly play on the floor with some toys while you pay bills at the desk right next to them. Or you can let a baby play in their high chair while you prepare lunch or take an important phone call. Teaching your child to play alone is a skill that you will both value in the years to come.

8. Delegate Large Tasks

Yes, your husband or partner may be the one who goes to work all day and brings home a paycheck, but that doesn’t exempt him from pitching in around the house. Clearly there are some jobs that you just can’t get done with a little one underfoot.

Perhaps you save some of the jobs that take two or that will require more than a few minutes and have him help you out when he’s home. Or maybe you work on them together after the kids go to bed.

9. Make Sure You Spend Time Together

Being a stay at home mom is a busy job, but don’t let your daily to-do list get in the way of spending quality time with your baby. You only get this time for a few years, and you want to make sure you treasure it while it lasts. Spend plenty of time playing, going places and reading together.

These are the most enjoyable parts of your job as a stay at home mom and the ones that will fulfill you and make this time enjoyable and something wonderful to remember as your kids grow and leave home.

Pin ItStay at home moms have a tough job that often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. You might not be able to change the way other people view your role, but you can certainly take steps to ensure that it’s what you envisioned when you decided to stay at home and raise your kids.

Every single moment isn’t going to leave you with a warm glow, and there are certainly very hard aspects of being a mother, but ultimately, you will love it more and more every day. Using these simple ideas will help you stay productive and enjoy the job you’ve chosen, even if it is within the walls of your own home.

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