9 Reasons Why Motherhood And Part Time Work Is The Perfect Combination

There is so much debate and controversy about whether or not moms should stay at home to look after their kids full time, or alternatively, work full time in order to financially provide for them. Ultimately, you should always do what works best for you, and for your family. That’s the most important thing.

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I work part time and stay at home with my daughter on the days that I am not working. This is a perfect fit for me. Here are just some of the amazing benefits of why I have chosen this path…

1. Your Qualifications Haven’t Been A Waste Of Time

If you have studied, or been to University and earned yourself a degree, then you will know that you have worked extremely hard for that achievement. By working in a job that you enjoy and are good at, you won’t feel as though your hard work and efforts have been wasted and you can put your brain and your skills to use in your job.

2. You Are Providing For Your Family

If you have a partner, then they are potentially the higher earner in your household. By bringing home some additional money per month, you’ll still feel like you are contributing to the funding of your child – plus you could always treat yourself a little too! Alternatively, if you are a single parent then having a job has a huge benefit to bringing up your kids and you can relax a little knowing that you are financially secure.

3. If Your Partner Couldn’t Work There Is Still Some Family Income

If your partner was made redundant, suffered from health problems, or for any reason was unable to work, then the money that you are bringing home could be a huge benefit to the affordability of looking after your kids and catering for their needs. Another plus, is that whilst your partner is potentially seeking further work, your employee may be able to offer you some overtime which means more money in the bank.

4. You Get A Break

Yes, I use the word break. Think about it. Instead of running up and down all day long and jumping up constantly at the next request of your kids, or before they try to stick their head in the washing machine, or throw up on the carpet you have just had cleaned, you would get a break from this constant physical movement. If you work in an office, this might be a particularly welcome break.

5. Adult Time Not Nursery Rhymes

Currently, you may spend your day putting on a strange baby or childlike voice whilst shouting the ABC at the top of your lungs and prancing around the room like a crazy person.  However, being at work means that you actually get to spend some time with other adults, having a grown up conversation, about grown up things.

6. You Appreciate Family Time So Much More

By working part time, you learn not to take for granted the family lifestyle that you have created and just how lucky you are to have each other. You can look forward to getting home from a hard day’s work, where you have built that great sense of achievement for the day to seeing your kids.

Enjoying special family dinners and watching a movie together are all moments that you treasure so much more, making being with your kids all the more precious.

7. You Feel A True Sense Of Achievement Handling Motherhood And A Job

You feel you can truly take on the world! Motherhood and a job, that’s a massive combination to be juggling. You should feel successful at work, and successful as a parent. You’re reaching personal goals both at work and at home as a mum. That’s surely something to be proud of.

8. You Are Setting A Great Role Model To Your Kids

Your kids see mom go to work, mom work hard and mom come back ready to be with them. They are looking up to you in more ways than you’ll  know. Unknowingly, as a parent, you are teaching your kids that their mom works super hard and that it really is okay to go to work.

It also helps when your pay check comes in!  After-all, they are getting the fun day out you promised them and the latest toy that they have been begging you for since last Christmas as a result of this money you’re earning .

Your kids are learning a valuable lesson, and this is that hard work pays off and that this results in achieving something special.

9. Your Kids Don’t Become Too Reliant On You

Pin ItAs much as you might love being with your kids 24/7, let’s face it, if you have a young baby or toddler, one day they will go to school and you’ll simply have to let go and indeed so will they. It is important they learn that mommy won’t always be there in the physical sense of every second of every day.

You’re actually doing them the world of good by preparing them for future life as well as teaching them to be independent from a young age.

So if you’re a stay at home mum and considering going back to work, or working full time and missing your kids and are in the fortunate situation to only need to work part time, think about how wonderful it could be to simply get the best of both worlds – I know I value this luxury each day.

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