8 Yummy Dark Chocolates That Will Make You Run To The Nearest Store

If just reading the title of this article has you salivating, you may be addicted to dark chocolate. Unlike many addictions, however, this particular preference doesn’t require treatment.

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The wonderful news is that dark chocolate, along with being delicious as all get out, is really quite good for you. If you need a reason to give in to your craving, remind yourself that dark chocolate decreases your LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) levels (that’s the “bad” cholesterol). It also increases blood flow to arteries and reduces blood pressure. If the world always looks a bit rosier after you eat dark chocolate, it’s probably because it also increases serotonin and endorphin levels in your brain.

If all these benefits, along with your pre-existing and undying love for this treat, have you ready to indulge, pick up one of these best-of-the-best options the next time you find yourself seeking your fix.

Chocolove XOXOX Dark Chocolate With Almonds & Sea Salt

It’s all about contrast in this 55 percent cocoa bar. With almonds, sea salt and bold chocolate combining forces, this bar pleases a host of taste buds, making eating it an experience that your entire mouth will relish. If you aren’t too deep in your flavor-induced coma, read the love poem that can be found instead each Chocolove bar while you indulge.

Alter Eco Dark Salted Brown Butter

This bold option comes from the Ecuadorian coast where the rain forest canopy allows for the development of unparalleled native cacao. When this base ingredient is combined with browned cream from grass-fed cows and a touch of salt is added, the result is a dessert that packs a flavorful punch.

Jcoco Dark Chocolate Bar With Black Fig And Pistachio

Though pricey, this bar houses flavor surprises in the form of figs and pistachios. The dark chocolate in this bar is a bit milder than in some others, allowing these subtle flavors to shine through. With the combination of these additions to the bar, munchers can enjoy the interplay of textures as they down their treat.

Endangered Species 88-Percent Cacao

This bold bar features a black panther on the package, serving as a visual reminder that this option is deep, dark and rich in flavor. The bar is non-GMO and certified organic, eliminating even more reasons not to partake.

As an added benefit, 10 percent of all proceeds from the purchase of Endangered Species products go to support, as you would guess, endangered species.

Divine 70-Percent Mint Dark Chocolate

Indulge in dark chocolate and cleanse your pallet simultaneously with this treat. This option contains a subtle mint flavor and bold and silky chocolate that will coat your tongue and satisfy your taste buds.

Lindt 70-Percent Cacao Noir Intense

For a stand-alone chocolate delight, try this bold Lindt bar. This option is billed as perfectly balanced as so as not to be bitter. Enjoy this option alone, or pair it with berries or cabernet to bring out the subtle notes found in this taste-tastic chocolate bar.

Vosges Mo’s Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar

Yes, the name says “bacon bar,” need we even continue with the description? This 62-percent dark chocolate bar contains chunks of hickory smoked, uncured bacon and dashes of Alderwood smoked salt. The combination of sweet and salty makes this a perfect mid-day pick-me-up.

Jaque Torres Dark Chocolates Box

Pin ItIf you seek a dark chocolate treat that is as pleasing to look at as it is to nibble on, select this aesthetically pleasing option. This 12-piece box contains chocolates with a variety of add-ins as well as plain options for the dark chocolate purists.

If you purchase one of these, keep it hidden lest you find that a fellow dark-chocolate aficionado finished it off before you have the chance to.

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