7 Tips When Supporting A Loved One With Losing Weight

Is someone close to you battling weight loss? Do you feel helpless to help them? Whether it’s your partner, parent, sibling or best friend, your support is important to them. Here are 7 tips when supporting your loved one who is looking to improve themselves.

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1. Be Their Cheerleader Not Their Coach

Your loved one doesn’t need you to find faults in what they’re doing, they need you to encourage them and praise them for the things they are doing right. Whether this means applauding them for reaching a goal, or even just cheering on the fact they are trying hard, this positive energy will make a massive difference in their progress.

2. Don’t Become The “Food Police”

You can ask your loved one if they’d like you to take on that role, but I can almost guarantee they won’t. In the same way, they most likely won’t appreciate you taking on the role of reciting out loud everything they eat, or locking away food you think they shouldn’t have.

This will only make the process of cutting out unhealthy food more frustrating for your loved one and make it more likely for them to go back to bad habits. Instead, encourage their new healthy lifestyle and join in with preparing meals. The boring jobs are much more enjoyable when you’re doing them with someone you love!

3. Get Involved In Their Program

Get involved in their new lifestyle, this might mean eating some of their healthy meals or joining the gym, your involvement will make the whole process of losing weight a lot more enjoyable for them (and will have a positive impact on you too!).

4. Listen But Don’t Judge

Show interest in their progress, let them know that you’re there, and wanting to help. Ask how they’re doing, and be there to listen if they have faltered. Support them when they approach a hurdle and make sure they know you are there for them to turn to.

Although you want to show support, make sure you let them know you are thinking about them – not their weight. Ask about their job and how everything is going in general. Show interest in their life, not just their weight loss!

5. Find Non-Food Ways To Celebrate

Be creative in finding ways to celebrate your loved ones successes. Bring them flowers, pay for a pamper day, treat them to a game of golf, a movie, or tickets to a sporting event. There are so many things you can do that don’t focus on food!

supportingalovedone6. Learn About Their Weight Loss Program

Make an effort to learn as much information about their diet plan or fitness program as you can. You can do this by attending meetings with them, or participating in online support groups. Then, respect the time they need to devote to these activities – even if that means spending a little less time with you.

7. Be Positive

Now for the most important tip of all. Positivity is so important when fighting any battle. If your loved one is ready to throw in the towel, don’t throw the towel in with them. Use your positive energy to encourage and drive them to move forward by reminding them of other accomplishments. Positivity and a few words of encouragement just what they will need when having a bad day!

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