7 Foods That Really Can Enhance Your Sex Life

Aphrodisiacs have been around since antiquity. Many cultures have believed that certain foods or drinks have the power to enhance one’s sex life and these beliefs continue even today.

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Although medical science has been largely skeptical about the efficacy of aphrodisiacs, a growing body of evidence suggests that there may be some logic as to why these substances are believed to enhance physical romance.

Many appear to have nutritional properties that impact parts of the body that are involved in some aspect of sex.

The following aphrodisiacs are among a growing body of foods that may actually have the power to positively influence your sex life.


With its characteristic heat and pungent fragrance, ginger has long been regarded as a potent aphrodisiac in countries like India. For centuries, people have eaten candied ginger or even raw ginger to enhance the sensitivity of the lips. Ginger can, indeed, cause the lips to swell slightly and may even cause the tongue to tingle.

Research suggests, however, that ginger may have a greater ability to enhance erogenous zones than even previously thought. Ginger is able to boost blood circulation in the body. With improved circulation, people may feel more energized while experience sexual activity.


Honey is one of the most ancient aphrodisiacs. This golden substance is well known for its sweetness. While the ancients may have believed that it was honey’s sweet taste that could induce romance, it may, instead, be due to honey’s wealth of B vitamins that make it such a powerful aphrodisiac.

According to Men’s Health, honey is a great natural energy boost, but its inherent B vitamins are associated with improved testosterone production in men.

So while the variance fragrances of honey may be intoxicating, it’s the nutrient makeup of honey that seems to have the true power to ramp up the libido.


Giving chocolates to your valentine might be more than simply a sweet tradition. Chocolate frequently makes lists of tastiest aphrodisiacs. Yet it isn’t simply taste that appears to induce thoughts of love. US News and World Reports offered some information about why chocolate may really be an aphrodisiac.

Chocolate contains important neurotransmitters that can literally help induce feeling of happiness, even pleasure. Eating chocolate on a date, therefore, may positively influence the way you feel.


The pomegranate is a fruit that has long been enjoyed by couples. It appears that this bright red fruit offers lovers more than just its sweet juice. A recent California study found that pomegranate juice generated positive results for some men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This fruit may enhance romance for both men and women by increasing blood flow and improving circulation.

A heart-healthy fruit, pomegranates are also loaded with antioxidant protections that may make a person feel more youthful and energized, which can certainly enhance one’s love life.


Olives have been cultivated and eaten around the Mediterranean since ancient times. The ancients believed that green olives made men more virile. Black olives are thought to impact women’s libidos.

According to research, olives have the power to improve heart health and even boost the immune system. Olives are also loaded with important antioxidant protections.

With its myriad of nutrients, the olive may simply make people feel better and more energized to enjoy a romantic interlude.


Almonds have a long history as aphrodisiacs, particularly in Far Eastern countries. Associated with the female libido, almonds could nearly be described as bite-sized bursts of energy. Rich in vitamin E, fiber, and magnesium, almonds are extremely heart healthy and may even help people guard against obesity.

Their copper and manganese make up is associated with increased energy, which is like one reason they’ve been regarded as potent aphrodisiacs.

Goji Berries

Many people might want to start checking to see if their supermarket is carrying goji berries yet. These deliciously sweet berries are extremely nutritious, but what makes them such potent aphrodisiacs is their ability to ward off metabolic syndrome, which is believed to be a precursor of erectile dysfunction.

If you come across goji berries, you can easily add them to both sweet and savory dishes if you are preparing a romantic dinner.

One thing that all these aphrodisiacs listed here have in common is that they offer substantial nutritional value. For this reason, it’s not surprising that some foods can, indeed, impact our sex lives.

Pin ItAfter all, it’s already well known that some foods help us sleep better, feel more energized, and even improve our mood. Of course, there are many aphrodisiacs that may simply be placebos.

Some traditional aphrodisiacs, like Spanish fly, could even be downright dangerous to try.

However, if you stick with healthful foods like those listed above, you may discover that they can enhance your love life. There’s only one way to find out!

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