6 Things Happy People Rarely Do

When you get advice from either people or articles like this about how to be happy, it’s usually about what you should be doing. In this article, how about we turn this around and take a look at what you could avoid doing? What is it that happy people do not do, that makes them happy? Here’s six things.

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1. Don’t Put Up With Negative Environments And People

Do you know that feeling, where you’ve psyched yourself into feeling good and happy but then walk into a place filled with people who are patently not happy? That takes the wind out of your sails, doesn’t it?

It can really mess up your mood when that happens, and though it would be nice to think that you can change these places, the fact is that you’re probably best off conserving your energy for more worth causes and simply avoiding these people and places.

2. Don’t Depend On Others For Your Happiness

In extension of the last point, a lot of unhappiness stems from the fact that we seek validation from others. When it is lacking, we feel unhappy. If, however, you stop worrying so much about what other people think of you, you will find yourself a lot happier overall. Consider not worrying about others for a few days, see how that changes your happiness levels.

3. Don’t Hold Grudges

When you have a lot of negative feelings within yourself, it becomes hard to be positive about anything. The most pernicious negative feeling is that of the grudge, No matter if it’s against someone you know or against something that happened to you, by holding on to that vindictive feeling you are letting it control you. You need to try to master it and show it who’s boss.

Which brings us to the next point…

4. Don’t Be A Victim To Circumstance

We all feel sometimes like holding a little pity party with ourselves as guest of honor, but let’s face it: you’re not doing yourself any favors.

By seeing everything that comes across your path, up to the worst of setbacks, as a challenge rather than an opportunity to bemoan your fate, you’re taking your fate into your own hands and almost automatically becoming more happy as a result.

You are the master of your own destiny, and as soon as you take the reins you’ll feel all the better for it.

5. Don’t Live In The Past Or The Future

If you want to be happy, you’ll quickly find that both dredging up the past as well as worrying about the future will pretty much make it impossible for you to feel at ease with life. By focusing on the now you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also be able to get things done in the here and now you wouldn’t otherwise.

Just take afew deep breaths and let go: after all, you can’t change the past, so learn your lessons and move on. The future is not going to be all that great if you don’t do something now, so stop worrying about that as well. All that matters I the now, so focus on that and happiness will follow.Pin It

6. Don’t Live Dishonestly

Last but not least: don’t lie to yourself, nor to others. By being truthful at all times you’re making your own life a lot less stressful, while also making you more liked on the whole. Thinking and speaking the truth brings a kind of purity that begets happiness almost automatically, so try and apply these principles to your daily life wherever you can.

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