6 Reasons Yogis Make Unbelievable Boyfriends

Yoga class isn’t just a place to stretch, relax and gain inner and outer strength, it’s also a killer place to meet fantastic guys. Not many men do yoga, but the ones who do are worth their weight in gold. Here are six reasons why you should consider asking out the single guy in your yoga class.

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1. He’s Confident And Thinks Outside The Box

Yoga is like ballet or community theater, it’s kind of seen as a girl thing. According to a 2012 survey by “Yoga Journal,” fewer than 18 percent of America’s 20 million yoga enthusiasts are men. The good news? This means that the men who practice yoga are confident and sure of themselves. Chances are that the guy in your yoga class knows full well that other guys will tease him for being there and he doesn’t care. What’s more, his mind is as flexible as his body; when he was trying to think of a good form of exercise, he skipped right past traditional masculine activities like weight lifting and arrived at yoga. This shows a willingness to think outside the box, and that bodes well for any relationship.

2. He Cares About His Health

There’s plenty of evidence about yoga’s positive effects on physical and mental health, and your yoga guy is a smart cookie who’s researched that evidence. He wants a holistic exercise program that will genuinely improve his physical and mental well-being. What’s more, he isn’t interested in something that will make him look like some musclebound He-Man action figure; you don’t need to worry about the body image issues and neuroses that usually go with a weight lifter! He’s not in yoga because he wants to look like an underwear model; he’s in it because he wants to be healthy instead of just looking healthy.

3. He’s Attentive

Yoga is more than just physicality, it’s meditation, and that means staying mindful of the present moment. In relationship terms, that means your yogi will be mindful of you. When you’re talking, he knows how to shut out distractions and pay attention. He knows how to be fully with you, not nodding to what you say while thinking about his fantasy football team. What’s more, there isn’t much sexier than a guy suddenly becoming completely and mindfully fixated on the beautiful way your hair curls around your left ear.

4. He’s Mellow

Yoga’s psychological benefits are well documented; it can help with everything from depression and anxiety to sleep disorders, to the point where the American Psychological Association is exploring the use of yoga techniques in counseling sessions. Your yogi boyfriend is more likely to be mellow, relaxed and generally mentally healthier than the average guy is. This will make it a lot easier for you to be mellow, relaxed and mentally healthy when you’re around him.

5. He’s Sexy

Let’s face it, the strength, flexibility and endurance that he learns in yoga class can lead to some dynamite results in bed. But yoga’s effects on the bedroom go beyond the physical fitness aspects. A 2009 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggested that after a 12-week yoga course, participants had increased levels of desire, arousal and overall satisfaction. The study only looked at women, but given the general psychological effects of yoga, there’s every reason to believe that your yogi is one sexy guy.Pin It

6. He’s Spiritual

Your yoga guy could have gotten involved in any of a number of exercises, but he picked one with a strong spiritual component; one that’s designed not just to help keep him fit, but to increase his inner peace and his sense of connection to the universe. If you’re into yoga yourself, chances are that this is going to be a big turn-on for you. What’s more, this shows that even if he hasn’t gotten to the point of being at peace and connected with the universe yet (and really, which of us has?), he’s working toward it. A guy with a goal that noble is a good catch, so the next time you attend yoga class, see if your perfect yoga guy wants to go out for a healthy smoothie afterward. What have you got to lose?

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