5 Ways To Make Today And Everday Awesome

Sometimes do you feel that you give a little too much time to negative thinking?

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Perhaps you are a regular worrier where it interferes with your day-to-day happiness and yet you just can not seem to pinpoint why this is so.

The difficulty with negative thinking is that it can all stem from one seemingly tiny and unnoticed negative thought. It creeps in and the more you try to shake it from your mind, the more you begin to obsess about it – creating this trap of increasingly negative thinking.

Whilst there are a lot of things we cannot control in life, our thoughts are something we 100% can control. With enough practice and focus, negative thoughts can be forced to take a back seat to more positive and productive ones.

If you are seeking a way to overcome feelings of negativity, here’s the perfect antidote starting right now.

#1 Leave The Past Where It Belongs…

…in the PAST! Whether you believe that life’s had it out for you from the very start, or that you’ve made a lot of mistakes over the past couple of years, or you disliked the person you were yesterday… it’s just not your concern any more. Why drag all of that baggage with you into the beautiful here and now?

You wouldn’t re-read a book that you didn’t enjoy. You wouldn’t keep returning to the restaurant that gave you food poisoning. So why keep revisiting bad memories in your mind?

All that is important now is what happens next.

The rest of your life is a million blank pages ready for you to fill; and what you write next is completely up to you to decide!

#2 Expect Great Things

When you’re constantly preoccupied worrying about all of the things that might go wrong, you’re missing out on all of the things that could go right! Truly great people anticipate greatness in their life.

Each morning, before you get out of bed, you need to be thinking to yourself, “Awesome things are going to happen for me today!”

#3 Be Forgiving

No matter who or what you’re holding anger towards in your heart, let it go.

It doesn’t matter if you’re angry at yourself, somebody else, or even life in general, when you hold onto hatred or rage you’re hurting nobody but yourself.

Holding onto all of that negative energy is no better than holding a handful of hot coals – you’re doing yourself serious harm.

Let. It. Go.

If someone has been hurtful towards you, it probably means that they are hurting themselves. Their words have everything to do with them, and absolutely nothing to do with you.

#4 Every Moment Is An Opportunity To Start Again

Each moment of every single day is an opportunity for a fresh start. No matter what’s going wrong for you or how bad something might have been, at any given moment it is completely within your power to say, “Enough. I’m going to turn this around.”

When everything’s looking bleak, find something to be grateful for. Just find one small thing and focus on that – because there is always, always, always somebody else going through a lot worse.

#5 Be Yourself!

There is so much that makes you incredible and there are so many unique gifts that only you have to offer this world. So always be true to who you are. Commit to living each and every day as your authentic, best self – and you cannot ever be anything other than happy.

Pin ItRegardless of what may be going on around you, it’s what’s going on within you that is the most important thing – and that is something you have 100% control over. Every dream, every hope and every goal that you have is as unique to you as your fingerprint, and as a result, only you know what can make you truly happy. So remember that and live every day by your own rules, nobody else’s.

Follow these five ways every day and it will make all the difference for you. However, it is doing these things consistently that will get you an awesome LIFE. Because let’s face it, having a good day is easily achievable, but life can be tough and achieving consistent happiness is where the hard work comes in. But remember, if it was easy, every single person in the world would be skipping around enjoying their dream life.

A positive attitude requires work.

Strength and success require getting back up, time and again, no matter what is thrown at you. But you can do it. Everything you need to live your craziest, very best life is already within you – inside your mind.

A positive mindset and a happy life takes effort. I’m willing to put that effort in – care to join me? 😉

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