5 Healthy Easter Snack Ideas

Easter is right around the corner and this means lots of chocolate and sweet goodies just about everywhere you look. Just because this holiday comes with lots of candy (and lots of chocolate), doesn’t mean you have to undo all your hard work.

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Here are some easy, healthy yet still delicious treat ideas to enjoy this Easter. I promise that chocolate is still in the mix too! One tip even offers no candy whatsoever for the Easter basket.

1. Make A Healthier Chocolate Easter Egg Copycat Recipe

Easter really does not seem to be Easter without a chocolate peanut butter Easter egg, right? So instead of loading up on a junk food kind, why not make your own that’s lower in sugar and lower in fat.

2. Carrots With Hummus

This is not exactly a rich, chocolatey bunny but it is very healthy and very festive. Carrots are a very rich source of carotenes and vitamin A. They are sweet, low in calories and notably rich in antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber.

I find people really appreciate when there is a healthier option put out too. So think about putting out baby carrots with a delicious hummus this Easter. Another tip is to fill up on some of this snack first before moving on the the dessert table. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

3. Wholesome Snack Bars

This is your fuss free option. If you don’t have any time to make any treats this Easter, no problem. To save some time just buy some healthy snack bars making sure you can pronounce every ingredient. The key is to look out for bars that are 5g of sugar or less like Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Kind bars.

You can put these wholesome bars in any Easter basket to make anyone happy. This option is also great for the easter egg hunt too instead of all those candy bars.

4. Hard Boiled Eggs

Egg-actly! You have to have eggs on a day like Easter. Eggs are no longer on the list of bad foods. Not only are they are fun to make together (if dying eggs), but they travel well and are a great snack anytime.

Pin ItOne egg has 78 calories, 6 grams of protein and they are one of few foods that contain vitamin D. Fill up on one of these before you head out to eat less. Always a no guilt option.

5. Remember, Think Outside “Treats” For The Easter Basket

You do not always have to pack snacks and treats in an Easter Basket for the kids to be happy. You can also put in fun games, a jump rope, stickers, a book, arts and crafts or sidewalk chalk! Kids really do enjoy all of this and you can feel great about it too. It’s always a great idea to get outside and have fun.

Here is to having a wonderful and healthier Easter!

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