3 Tips For Making Your Life Better As A Single Mom

Parenting is hard enough on its own, without having to carry all the responsibility on one set of shoulders, as many single moms are compelled to do. Since you’re balancing a full work and family load on your own, it can be all too easy to forget to put a little focus on yourself.

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But the happier and healthier you are, the more pleasant life will be for both you and your children, so you’ve got to take care of yourself along with your little ones. Try the following three tips for making your life as a single parent happier and even a bit easier!

1. Praise Yourself Occasionally

Your organizational skills would probably put the post office to shame, but do you take the time to acknowledge what you accomplish each day or just get down on yourself for not getting it all done?

With all the scheduling and arranging you have to handle, it’s only natural some things fall through the cracks or don’t get done in the way you wanted. There are only so many hours in the day, and you can’t account for every unexpected thing you’re going to encounter.

We tend to focus on the little things that go wrong instead of all the stuff that went right, so get yourself in a more self-appreciative mindset. Let go of worry over what you can’t get done. Your children, even if they are still young, are probably aware of all the extra work you have to do as a single mom.

Acknowledging that challenge instead of becoming mired in frustration is the better way to go for both you and your kids.

When you’re letting go of the feeling you’ve failed because you didn’t tick off all the items on your daily to-do list, don’t forget to compliment yourself and your children occasionally too! A little praise for your combined hard work will add a little spring to everyone’s step and may even encourage your kids to step up their contributions in your busy household.

People who feel appreciated and valued tend to work harder and better as a team member, and since you and your children are working as a team to accomplish daily goals, you’ll want to reinforce their value as helpers.

2. Take Time To Reconnect Spiritually

No matter what you believe, it’s important to take a little time each day to reconnect yourself to it. As a single mom, you may find yourself feeling lonely or disconnected from everyone and everything around you. A little spiritual practice can ease those emotions and bring you closer to the people and places surrounding you.

Set aside some time to practice your personal version of spirituality. It could be as simple as asking for help or love or guidance or a more formal prayer or ritual. Many people find that doing this at the start of the day is best, so try to find a little extra time for it in your morning schedule.

Just a few minutes each day can help replenish your soul and heart, making you feel more whole and allowing you to be a calmer parent to your child.

3. Don’t Hesitate To Accept Help

When you become used to doing everything on your own, it becomes habit. The downside to this is that you may not be asking for help when you really need it! Don’t be afraid to ask someone for assistance if you can’t juggle everything on your plate.

Chances are you have friends, family or even co-workers who don’t mind lending a hand. Even a bit of help from strangers, such as a person holding the door for you when your arms are full of Pin Itgroceries, can go a long way. Remember that it’s okay if you need a hand from time to time.

The flip side of not asking for help is often difficulty accepting help when it’s offered. Whether it’s pride or just the feeling that you must do everything yourself, it’s an easy mindset trap to fall into. But accepting help does not make you lazy or weak.

Everyone needs help at different points in their life, and you’re no different, and when someone offers help, it’s usually from a genuine place. Your acceptance of that help makes both you and the person offering feel good, so go ahead and allow someone else to take a bit off your plate every so often.

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