20 Really Cool Things Only People With A Big Sis Would Understand

Not everyone is able to relate to the experience of having an older sister as a playmate, friend, confidant and inspiration. If you are at least second in birth order and had the privilege of growing up with a big sis, you are likely to understand and identify with many of the reasons why she made a really cool impact on your life.

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Hopefully, your close connection to your older sister continues through adulthood, making your memories of sharing a childhood and teenage life with her even more fun. Reminisce about these 20 awesome things that only you and anyone else with a big sister can appreciate.

1. Learning To Drive Without Nervous Parents

While having your parents teach you to drive may have been an experience fraught with tension, frustration and nerves, your big sister made for a much more laid-back instructor. She likely enjoyed being able to put her own driving skills to good use.

2. Getting Cool Hair, Make-up And Fashion Tips

Since your older sis began reading fashion magazines and websites before you did, she had a jump start on knowing what the coolest trends were in terms of hair, make-up and clothes. You could always go to her for tips or just emulate her look.

3. Having Someone To Share Insights On Parents’ Personalities

If your sister is at least a few years older, she had the benefit of learning more about how your parents dealt with raising kids at different stages. As a young adult, she could help you navigate conflicts that you had with your parents as a teen.

4. Being Able To Hear Fun Stories About Yourself As A Young Child

Your big sister had the advantage of being able to remember experiences that you were too young to retain in your own memory. She could tell you about funny things you did as a baby and toddler.

5. Gaining Wider Exposure To Pop Culture At A Young Age

Before you were old enough to discover pop culture with your school peers, your older sis had the inside track on the coolest bands, movies and celebrities. By living with her, you did too.

6. Benefiting From Her Great Advice

When you just couldn’t go to either your mother or father for advice on life, you could always count on your big sister to share her insights. She could help you handle situations that she herself dealt with not too long ago.

7. Following Her Example In Making Friends

Watching your big sis make friends and spend time with them at your house gave you practice in learning how to develop your own friendships. If her friends had younger siblings around your age, that was a built-in bonus.

8. Having A Protector And Defender

You never had to worry about that school bully bothering you when your older sister was around. She defended you and let you know that she’d always be there for protection if you needed it.

9. Being Entertained While Your Parents Were Out

If your sister was old enough to babysit you, you could be assured that you’d have much more fun when your parents went out than you would have had with another adult supervising. You and your sis could watch all the TV you wanted.

10. Having A Mentor For Schoolwork

Not only could your big sister help you with homework that you didn’t quite understand, but she also had the inside scoop on your current teachers, having had them first. She could tell you how to do well in a certain class.

11. Learning From Her Mistakes

At times, your older sis made mistakes that taught her important life lessons and helped build her character. Chances are that you were able to avoid making some of those same mistakes just by witnessing the struggles that she went through.

12. Being Able To Ask Her About Dating

When the time came for you to start dating, there was no one better than your big sister to answer all of your questions. If you were close in age, she may have even fixed you up with a nice friend of hers.

13. Having A Built-In Role Model

Your older sister served as a great role model for you in all stages of your childhood and adulthood. Watching her earn awards and achieve milestones did a lot to inspire you and encourage you to seek successes of your own.

14. Enjoying The Perks Of Her Popularity

Social dynamics at school could be tricky to navigate, but you had a head start in being liked thanks to your older sister’s popularity. People who enjoyed hanging out with her probably thought that you would be cool too.

15. Having Someone To Call In An Emergency

If you ever found yourself in a scrape that you knew would result in your parents’ wrath, calling your big sis first could help soften the blow and get you out of an emergency situation with less panic involved.

16. Being Able To Attend Her Parties

Your older sister probably had at least one or two really fun parties over the years for her birthday and for graduation. Since she was the guest of honor, you got to join in with the festivities as well.

17. Having Someone To Laugh With About Funny Family Situations

No one quite saw the humor about an eccentric relative’s behavior or an amusing anecdote from a family gathering like your big sister, who experienced it right along with you and always enjoyed reminiscing about the hilarity that occurred.

18. Having Someone To Grieve With At The Loss Of A Relative

20-really-cool-things-only-people-with-a-big-sis-would-understand-pinGrowing up with an older sis meant that you both shared in the grieving process when you lost a beloved grandparent or other relative. Your sister could help you keep that person’s memory alive through exchanging stories and photographs.

19. Being Able To Borrow Things In A Pinch

If you just couldn’t find that perfect sweater for an outing with friends or misplaced your cell phone and needed to make a call, you could always borrow these items from your big sister to remedy the situation in a pinch.

20. Growing Up With Someone Who Has Loved You All Of Your Life

Your older sister has known you for your entire life, and she has always loved you accordingly. Having grown up with the love of another family member in addition to your parents is priceless and makes you very fortunate.

Brighten your big sister’s day by sharing all of the reasons why growing up with her was a special and treasured experience. Ask her what she enjoyed most about being a big sister as well. Chances are, your bond will strengthen even further as she tells you about all of the cool things that come with having a younger sibling.

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