12 Things That Highly Confident People Don’t Do

Highly confident people believe in their ability to create the life they want and to overcome any challenges they may face. Here are some things that highly confident people don’t do.

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1. They Don’t Put Things Off Until Tomorrow

Highly confident people don’t wait for the “right time” or the “right circumstances”, to make things happen. They take immediate action to complete their task as they know that starting something today is better than starting something someday.

2. They Don’t Live In A Box

Highly confident people are not afraid to go out of their comfort zone because they know that without pushing themselves – they are not growing or learning anything new.

3. They Don’t Judge People

Highly confident people know that everyone is on their own journey and learning curve. They are in no place to judge anyone else’s life when they have their own life and learning’s to go through.

4. They Don’t Need Babysitting

Highly confident people are independent and like the freedom for making their own decisions and choices. They will not tolerate people patronising them and treating them like a child and telling them what/how to do things they are capable of.

5. They Don’t Make Excuses
Confident people take ownership of their thoughts and actions. They make the time and find ways to keep on improving until they are good enough. You will not find a highly confident person wasting time on blaming someone or something else for their life.

6. They Don’t Avoid Doing The Scary Things

Highly confident people tend to take charge of their lives and do the things they are afraid of doing first. They know that these are the same things that will help them to evolve into the person they are meant to be.

7. They Don’t Obsess Over The Opinions Of Others

Highly confident people don’t get caught up in negative feedback or opinions of others. They know it is a waste of time, as they cannot do anything about it.

8. They Don’t Focus On The Problem

Highly confident people focus on the solution and not the problem – no matter what! They are solution orientated and will be looking to finding ways through or around a setback.

9. They Don’t Need To Compete With Other

Highly confident people don’t have a need to compete to be better than anyone else. The only competition they have is with themselves. They want to keep improving and growing from the person they were yesterday.

10. They Don’t Like Arrogance

Highly confident people know that there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. They don’t need to show or tell others that they are confident – you will see it and feel it in their energy. You will not get them boasting about what they have accomplished.

11. They Don’t Avoid RealityPin It

Highly confident people don’t bury their head in the stand and hope a problem will go away. They will take ownership and charge of dealing with it while it is still small – rather than waiting for it to build up and become a tsunami.

12. They Don’t Give Up

Highly confident people are tenacious and will not give up on something that is important to them or will add value to their lives. They know that it is worth pursuing and will do what is needed to achieve it.

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