12 Limitations That Hinder Your Progress Toward A Fulfilling Life

Do you have a strong desire to experience the best life possible, yet wonder why you can never seem to achieve your goals despite putting in a good deal of effort? If so, you may need to evaluate whether you are allowing certain mental roadblocks to negatively affect your personal growth.

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The key to realizing a fully enriched life is to recognize and eliminate the thoughts and emotions responsible for hindering your progress. Read about twelve common limitations to a successful existence, and determine which, if any, you may need to acknowledge within yourself.

1. Surrounding Yourself With Negativity

If you spend time around people who do not possess a positive outlook toward life, your motivation for improving your own circumstances is at risk of being greatly compromised. Distance yourself from pessimistic influences, and seek the company of those who inspire you to always be your best self.

2. Procrastinating On A Daily Basis

When you make a regular habit of putting off the work that needs doing within your personal and professional life, you find yourself unable to take steps forward in your self-actualization journey. Commit to reversing your tendency toward procrastination by making a list of life-enhancing goals to accomplish each day.

3. Spreading Yourself Too Thin

You may be so eager to experience life at its fullest that you attempt to speed up the process by taking on a variety of tasks and exercises all at once, leading to exhaustion and burnout. Design a timeline for bettering your life that you can follow efficiently yet comfortably.

4. Measuring Your Circumstances Against Those Of Others

The expression, “comparison is the thief of joy” is one that may resonate with you should you find yourself placing too much focus on other people’s paths toward achieving success in life. Move past this roadblock by telling yourself that you can only control the direction of your own individual circumstances.

5. Holding On To Grudges

Allowing resentments toward people or situations from your past to fester prohibits you from embracing the peace and happiness needed for a rewarding life. Work on releasing these grudges by acknowledging your feelings, accepting that you must move forward and applying the lessons that you have learned to making a fresh start.

6. Feeling Entitled To Achievements And Successes

If you approach the actualization of a desirable life by thinking that you are entitled to any successes you might acquire, you are missing a vital ingredient to an enlightened existence: gratitude. Appreciate the fortunes that come your way rather than acting as if you inherently deserve these gifts.

7. Letting Depression And Anxiety Go Untreated

Although you may be predisposed to experiencing depression, anxiety and stress, you can still achieve the tools necessary for living your life to its fullest potential. Seek professional guidance for these conditions, and strive to reach a state of mental balance through meditation, exercise, self-care, journal writing and other techniques.

8. Taking The Present Moment For Granted

Rather than regretting the past or telling yourself that a beautiful existence is out of your reach until the future, embrace the present time for all that it has to offer. Be mindful of life as it happens, viewing each moment from the clearest lens possible and soaking up the experience.

9. Being Overwhelmed By Clutter

The accumulation of physical clutter within your living space may cause you to feel frustrated, disorganized and stuck in a rut, leading you to experience mental clutter as well. Clear the excess from your surroundings as it only serves as a distraction from your ability to truly enjoy your life.

10. Resisting Change And Growth

Human existence rarely remains static, and on the journey to your best life, you are likely to face circumstances that require you to step out of your comfort zone. Refrain from being fearful of these changes, and welcome every opportunity that allows you to grow and flourish as a person.

11. Allowing Others To Dictate Your PathPin It

You are the only one who can determine what your ideal lifestyle encompasses. When you find yourself at odds with people who try to influence decisions that are not in your best interest, keep your goals in sight and work hard to stay true to that which you wish to achieve.

12. Ignoring The Importance Of Relaxation

Relaxation and calm are conducive to a happy, fulfilled and enriched human experience. Take the time to rest when needed, centering yourself in the moment and accepting thoughts without judgment and analysis. Enjoy these moments of peaceful solitude, and integrate them into your routine on a daily basis whenever possible.

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