10 Reasons Why Giving Is Good

If you’ve had to deal with some really tough times in your life, you’re not alone.

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There are a lot of strong men and women out there like yourself who’ve had to struggle with the weight of loved ones on their shoulders.

While handling difficult times with the pressure on is hard all year round, it can seem even more unbearable around the holidays.

As the entire world seems to move over into the holiday spirit and you are flooded with messages about what the holidays really mean, it may seem like the perfect gift is the ultimate goal.

In reality, it’s not the perfect gift that will wow anyone on your list but the act of giving all on its own.

To get ready to bring some light into your life and someone else’s, check out these reasons why giving is always the way to go.

1. You’ll Feel Inspired

When you give, it’s an inspiration to others. Even if you have nothing at all to give, there are plenty of things that won’t cost you a penny.

You can donate just your time; be there for a friend who is in need, or offer advice to someone who needs it.

Chances are that there are community organizations out there doing good work in your area that would love to have some of your time and your help.

When you give despite not having much yourself, you’re signalling to the universe that you’re not just receiving generosity, but are willing to give it yourself, too.

Your actions could set off a giving ripple effect in others, and it’s that type of chain reaction that really benefits everyone and the world in general.

It can be hard to see yourself giving when you don’t have anything of monetary value to offer, so do some research into local groups that could really use your help in the volunteer arena.

Once you see the true need, you’ll be able to understand that it’s okay if you can’t make a cash or item donation.

2. You Reconnect With Your Values

When you give, it’s a plain statement of your values. It means that in a world with a lot of excess and greed, you’re willing and ready to share what blessings you have with other people to improve their lives.

As noted above, this doesn’t have to mean giving away things of value. You have more to offer than just what is in your bank account.

Think about what really matters to you if you’re struggling with what to donate or give of yourself.

By centering on what you value the most, you just may find the right thing to give in terms of your time. Go ahead and take stock of the people in your life as well. If you know someone who is really having a difficult time, now is the time to offer your ear and support to them.

3. You’ll Feel Good About The Change

The idea that an act of kindness can make you feel good is somewhat controversial. There’s an idea in society that you should not enjoy giving because if you do, it’s not truly an unselfish act.

But giving does make you feel good, and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you don’t give because you’re afraid of being selfish regarding the pleasure you experience from the act, the end result is you begrudge a person in need what you have to offer them.

4. You Can Develop New Skills

When you volunteer your time, you can gain knowledge, skills and expertise.

When you give others your time, you may encounter challenging and interesting opportunities that you may not have experienced otherwise.

This is something that will help you grow as a person and can even act as a bonus for you down the road when it comes to your career.

Look for volunteering roles in organizations that interest you, as you never know where it may lead.

5. You’ll Make Social Connections

Whether you volunteer at a charity or local group or give a friend some of your time and a shoulder to cry on, you’re forging and strengthening your social connections. The more you connect with people, the better you’ll feel in general. This is especially true if you’ve been feeling lonely or isolated as of late.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others when you give your time, as you don’t want to miss out on some wonderful new connections and relationships.

6. You’ll Give Back To Your Community

When you volunteer somewhere, it’s a direct contribution to your community.

Depending on your situation, you may also be returning the favor to those who have helped you in the past.

Every person, whether wealthy or working class, takes something from society.

Volunteering is a way to show your sense of appreciation for what you receive.

7. You Can Grow As A Person

As a volunteer, you’ll be able to fully explore your dislikes and likes.

In fact, if you think a particular career path may be the right one for you, see if you can volunteer in that field first.

This way, you’ll be able to decide whether you truly like it.

You may just find that another field is the better fit for you, and you may not have ever considered that ideal field if you hadn’t volunteered first.

8. You May Just Get A New Perspective

Life is definitely challenging at times, and when you’re in a rough patch, your problems may seem insurmountable.

But when you volunteer your time, you may just start seeing things in another light, especially if you encounter people who are in a worse spot than you are.

It helps you feel gratitude for what you do have and see all the blessings in your life that you may have missed before.

This new perspective can also make you better at giving, as you will see firsthand all the advantages you have that other people don’t.

9. You’ll Realize You’re Needed

Feeling appreciated and needed are important things in life, and you may not be getting that from your home life or work, as what you do is sometimes – or often – taken for granted.

10-reasons-why-giving-is-good-pinBut when you’re giving, you will see just how much you really are needed.

Meeting other people who need your help is also a strong motivator; if you won’t help these people, who will?

10. You’ll Get A Self-Esteem Boost

When you give and help others, you’ll probably feel a stronger sense of self-worth and higher self-esteem.

Helping other people can help you feel better about yourself simply because you’re able to offer something valuable to another person.

Giving more in your life brings benefits and rewards all of its own, and it helps other people, too. It’s a win-win of the best kind, so get into the habit of giving in your daily life today!

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