10 Habits Of Successful People

Do you feel envious when you watch your peers taste success? Do you want to have a fulfilling career and maintain a work-life balance? Are you looking for a secret formula to help you accomplish all your goals?

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Well, here’s a secret. Successful people are only different from you in one respect: mentality. Read on to find out how you can cultivate the right attitude and turn your life into something wonderful and exciting.

1. Don’t Wait For Your Muse: Don’t wait to get inspired to start working on a project. Accept that some days will be more fruitful than others, but the main point is to show up to work without fail, each day. Instead of chasing perfection, work on your bit, without worrying too much about the results. Once you make it a habit of showing up at the workplace with renewed enthusiasm, you’ll be on the right track to success.

3. Take It One Day At A Time: You can write a novel only one sentence at a time. You can climb a mountain only one step at a time. Try to break down a daunting task into easy steps. Make a to-do list and work towards your goal every day but don’t over exert yourself. Focus on today and getting the most of the moment instead of worrying about the future.

3. Try Not To Get Distracted By Social Media: Set aside a time every day sorely for checking your emails and Facebook notifications. Don’t keep the social media tabs open while your working. Check your emails no more than twice a day. Once you get rid of your addiction to technology you’ll be surprised at the amount of time you have on your hands.

4. Wake Up Early: The old maxim ’early to bed, early to rise’, does hold true. Spend the early morning planning your day ahead, meditating or reading something positive or motivational. Setting your alarm clock to go off an hour early gives you 365 extra hours per year.

5. Read Voraciously: Never say no to learning. Try to learn something new every day and the best way to do that is to read a lot. Read fiction, non-fiction, poetry, op-eds and widen your mind. Bookmark your favorite magazines, subscribe to educational newsletters and listen to podcasts on the go. Don’t just read, but also try to think critically about the topics.

6. Lend A Helping Hand: Give back to society. Don’t keep all the shortcuts to success to yourself. Help a friend or a stranger. Donate as much as you can. If you see someone struggling, don’t walk away- chances are the person is in the same situation you were in, when you started out. And you never know when your kindness will be repaid in some form of extraordinary stroke of luck.

7. Mistakes Are Learning Experiences: There is no such thing as failure. Either it’s a success, or it’s a valuable learning experience. When something goes wrong, instead of fretting about it, analyze what went wrong and how it could have been done differently. Try to find something positive in a situation and cultivate a habit of remaining optimistic no matter what.

10-habits-of-successful-people-pin8. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others: Don’t let other people define your idea of success. Realize you are a unique individual, and that your worth cannot be measured by someone else’s. Once you get this, you’ll never feel envious when you see a rich friend vacationing abroad or a peer getting a glamorous internship. Instead, focus on yourself and give thanks for what you’ve achieved so far.

9. Work Efficient, Not Hard: Don’t mindlessly work hard. Focus on being efficient and prioritizing. Learn some memory techniques and practice solving brain teasers and puzzles. Train your mind to think divergently. Make it a habit to do something creative every day.

10. Be Nice: Being a good person is always preferable to being a great person. No matter how successful you are, remain humble. Being better off than others doesn’t give you the right to be arrogant or make rude uncalled-for statements. Always be grateful for what you’ve achieved and share the good work with others to make this world a more beautiful place.

And remember rules are made to be broken, so feel free to adapt these tips to suit your convenience. These are easy enough tips, but the trick is to implement them every day. Take it one habit at a time, and practice it regularly for 21 days. And soon enough, success will be knocking on your door.

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